Salasar balaji industries is an iso 9001:2015 certified company established in 2014 – 2015 in Bikaner Rajasthan we are one of the leading manufacturer of groundnut oil & mustard oil of high quality products our products are sold under popular brand name Samraj.

We source our ingredients and raw materials from selected & reputed suppliers. We maintain the highest standard of hygiene, cleanliness and safety, in compliance with international norms.

Our mission healthy oil, healthy you. Is to provide healthy, pure, nutrition and best in choices. In our endeavour to serve healthy oil to every indian and the world each day we strive to move a step closer to our mission.

We at Samraj believe that healthy oil is the first step towards leading a healthy and happy life.

Company has a committed team of professional who works day and night towards producing healthy and nutrition oil for consumers. We store, pack and ship our products under most hygienic conditions.

Our team of supply-chain specialists work vigorously towards stock availability, as and when demand arises. We are committed to serve all our clients in stipulated time frame. Our obligation of providing superior quality oil at competitive prices has helped us build reputation among our customers.

We believe that being natural has real health benefits. The nutrition in all our products is derived from a natural source.

Committed to quality 
At salasar balaji industries special attention is given at every stage, from the sourcing to our ingredients to carefully processing them and delivering the best of what we make. Our production facility is support with ultra modern technologies by making use of in house research & development. Our success lie in innovation, product development and quality management.

Samraj oil have numerous health benefits. From managing weight to keeping your heart healthy!